Man Pranks People With Realistic Face Mask 

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11. feb. 2021

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Zockmeister Pred 22 dnevi
"I'm here live, i'm not a cat." *Sounds like exactly something a cat would say.*
K.R.T Pred 17 urami
I I love your videos also your fans I love your videos I love your videos all your fans like please subscribe they give a 👍🏻 to your channel and I love how do you make this channel it’s amazing I want to watch it all the time but I have school but when I’m done with school I’ll love your videos and I watch them
Bray And jay
Bray And jay Pred dnevom
What are you doing you just like a cat
Impxrfect Pred dnevom
nottfue skrtz
nottfue skrtz Pred dnevom
Faze Woof woof
Faze Woof woof Pred dnevom
Let’s see how many subscribers I can get off this comment
bobby joe
bobby joe Pred 25 minutami
Oh my gawsh
bender22222 Pred 40 minutami
0:36 it's calling mothership
Denise O Connor
Denise O Connor Pred 42 minutami
1:17 the next SCP be like:
Vicky Pred 44 minutami
Dang the kitty is hungry much and now they have extra meat in them the poor dish that got taken out by a bird R.I.P
Ginelle Plunkett
Ginelle Plunkett Pred 48 minutami
0:39 Plot twist: That cat is one of the robots from Transformers
Yusuf Arif R
Yusuf Arif R Pred uro
Cute and Fluffy Pikachu
Is it me or does the mask make him look like 2 different people 🤣😂🤣😂
Samim Ahmedi
Samim Ahmedi Pred uro
Imagine going to online school like that lol
Sloane Bailey
Sloane Bailey Pred uro
I had already seen the cat on zoom call on the news
Sgbaits Pred uro
Report him for click bait
Birgit Dopp
Birgit Dopp Pred 2 urami
Wenn eine Katze besser als du in beatboxen ist
Xd chronix
Xd chronix Pred 2 urami
wait what am i the only one that just found out that raisins are grapes
DarkForest Zombie
DarkForest Zombie Pred 3 urami
Adventures of Ember and sevi
The unique dog is sooo cute😌
Luis D. Gamer
Luis D. Gamer Pred 4 urami
Que es esto? Un poco de todo versión gringa? xD
Avocondo Pred 4 urami
it must be nice for the frog to finally get out of the dreaded pole
alex weber
alex weber Pred 4 urami
Alyssa Snow
Alyssa Snow Pred 4 urami
Plot twist: He was an Animagus and didn't realize his camera was on, so he pretended to be a filter.
IT IS RAW! Pred 4 urami
wow the second clip tho. That tongue can go almost 3000 meters per second but the eye closed even faster I am impressed
GodzillaGaming Pred 5 urami
Iamangry001 Pred 5 urami
“I am not a cat” Sounds what a dog would say
Niitroxyde Pred 5 urami
That fish be like : "What the fuck is happening, that's soooo cool !" rip tho
Zamxd Pred 6 urami
UN poco de todo en ingles : el canal
Jedi Venom Snake
Jedi Venom Snake Pred 6 urami
I need that mask!
Cyber-Roblox Pred 6 urami
i didnt even know raisins were practically grapes xd lOl
• HoneyxBunny •
• HoneyxBunny • Pred 6 urami
so we not gonna talk about how ppl were lookin at a volcano OVER the clouds and are not dying cuz i thought the air was thin up there?
Spades Studio
Spades Studio Pred 6 urami
Plot twist;the cat had a big pouch because he has a lot of money
Haleema Rahman
Haleema Rahman Pred 6 urami
angel smith
angel smith Pred 7 urami
lmao 😂😂😂😂
Woman: Barks 5 Times In a Certain Order The Dog Wondering why She talking about A Toad Taking a Piss
Miss L
Miss L Pred 7 urami
The guy who's wearing the mask that makes it look like hes not wearing a mask seems like he's looking for trouble. Like "say something about me not wearing a mask, so I can record it, put it on SLtv and you lose your job because of it"...........this is the world we live in today.
The Luczaks
The Luczaks Pred 7 urami
if daily dose gives me a heart i will cry
sofi curl
sofi curl Pred 7 urami
The cat filter 😂😂😂😂
Landon LaPonsie
Landon LaPonsie Pred 7 urami
why did u make this video just like to know
h1Ghv0ltag3_ Pred 8 urami
Cat: using *inward bass* Me: 🗿🗿🗿
ANGELLIN Pred 8 urami
este es la copia gringa de un poco de todo
quem liga ?
quem liga ? Pred 8 urami
mano isso é genial kkkkkkkkkkkkkk, a mascara no caso
Music Orbiiits
Music Orbiiits Pred 9 urami
3:09 did that people below enjoy the view though?
M22 :D
M22 :D Pred 9 urami
2:08 Fish: "Oh shit I am actually flying"
Docility GD
Docility GD Pred 9 urami
Ryder Rat
Ryder Rat Pred 10 urami
i no longer want to eat raisins
Rogério Penna
Rogério Penna Pred 10 urami
Best ventriloquist ever!!!
Levi Gunnink
Levi Gunnink Pred 10 urami
a bit more enthusiasm please!
•Gogay NotFound•
•Gogay NotFound• Pred 10 urami
I have lots of those mask in my country lmao
COD MOBILE Pred 11 urami
Frog is king
Frog is king Pred 11 urami
0:29 i felt that O-O
haba v5
haba v5 Pred 11 urami
Cutting edge technology
Rverse_Green Pred 12 urami
0:22 that nose long O_O
qqiias_ Pred 13 urami
the grape transformation was satisfying
kevin wayne
kevin wayne Pred 13 urami
meh i dont even wear a mask lolololololol
Maxim Pred 13 urami
This is how we roll Matafaka Di din din di didinn din din dinn ...
Lashari Sajid Ali Baloch
When guy smile then mask also smiling 😁
Crisanto Salazar
Crisanto Salazar Pred 13 urami
Comment BOYYY !!!
Comment BOYYY !!! Pred 14 urami
The first geezer was kinda funny
JGDR Channel
JGDR Channel Pred 15 urami
Time to buy this kind of mask so I will have million views
Kensleigh Gurske
Kensleigh Gurske Pred 15 urami
0:55 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Marci Turáni
Marci Turáni Pred 15 urami
I love how the lawyer has just accepted his fate and is "prepared to go forward with it"
Yuvan Puthran
Yuvan Puthran Pred 16 urami
1:47 i do the exact same thing with my dog
ascrew Gaming
ascrew Gaming Pred 16 urami
Liam Campbell
Liam Campbell Pred 16 urami
ahh thats so funny!
TheDogMasterSteve Vr
TheDogMasterSteve Vr Pred 17 urami
He has been out barked 1:55
Lemon Man Secksy Boi
Lemon Man Secksy Boi Pred 18 urami
Why did the cat have a fat chode
DMlightdum FS
DMlightdum FS Pred 18 urami
Fresh O.G
Fresh O.G Pred 18 urami
L3GION Pred 18 urami
When his lips don’t move when he talks
Archimonde259 Pred 18 urami
"I'm not a cat" *X to doubt*
Anna thegethoe
Anna thegethoe Pred 19 urami
" You like that"
Ayahuascaguy Ayahuascaguy
I did not know raisins were molded grapes
sean Estores
sean Estores Pred 19 urami
I am not a cat
WølfySëanxpai Pred 20 urami
Xterm 999
Xterm 999 Pred 20 urami
That dog reminded me of rin
J P NN Pred 20 urami
Dog looks like Michael Jackson when his skin turned white
J P NN Pred 20 urami
Lol he’s like you ain’t no dog
J P NN Pred 20 urami
Lol 😂 the first cat chomping was adorable hahaha
Chizzles playz
Chizzles playz Pred 20 urami
I have been looking for these masks for so long. Can someone tell me where I can find one
Sharon DolanStyles
Sharon DolanStyles Pred 20 urami
I *totally* knew that raisins were dried grapes. * Laughs nervously *
Bailey Amanda
Bailey Amanda Pred 20 urami
The best video in 2021
Lyla Kyzer
Lyla Kyzer Pred 21 uro
omg the cat is so cute.
YeetNoodle Pred 21 uro
Raisins are amazing ngl
leah lol
leah lol Pred 21 uro
Ana Conda
Ana Conda Pred 21 uro
My cat lived in my house rent free for 10 years
Futurspyder Pred 21 uro
0:36 sounds like something straight out of a transformers movie
SB wxnterz
SB wxnterz Pred 22 urami
My cat had a pouch like that hat and it was big
Zach Freelancer
Zach Freelancer Pred 22 urami
lattter GAY boy
memelord Pred 22 urami
2:20 if thats a guy.... that...... that might not be a pouch
Brandon García
Brandon García Pred 22 urami
Esto... Es Un Poco De Todo!... ✌🏽👁️👄👁️👌🏽
Hello There
Hello There Pred 22 urami
Leave the frog alone and let it go in peace, then bother it with doctor questions
All Car Techs
All Car Techs Pred 22 urami
Did any buddy think not thinking about this clickbate
Danger Gamer2
Danger Gamer2 Pred 22 urami
0:38 we got the new demogorgon 2.0
Finn Pred 22 urami
Asi sera thegrefg de viejo
Haval Sama
Haval Sama Pred 22 urami
M ø c h á
M ø c h á Pred 23 urami
*Those weren’t grapes they were raisins in disguise.*
John Min
John Min Pred 23 urami
If you play it in reverse you can turn a raisin into a grape 🤯
ねずこNezuko Pred 23 urami
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Pred 23 urami
MESSYTUBE Pred 23 urami
first talking cat
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Pred 23 urami
Truly only from the best
Mashal Khan
Mashal Khan Pred 23 urami
He looks better with the mask on then of
N L Pred 23 urami
that was cool
knightRider997 Pred dnevom
Loved the alien cat part
It’s VioletPlayz
It’s VioletPlayz Pred dnevom
*so, a raisin is just an expired grape?*
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